Always attentive to its clients’ needs, NEOPOS offers effective and flexible after-sales support, 7 days a week. Thanks to a distribution network…. 

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Always one step ahead and very attentive to its clients, NEOPOS offers point-of-sale systems that are proven to be effective. Given that the restaurant & bar industry...

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A vector for change, NEOPOS introduces mobility in its various POS services. This innovation not only benefits companies, but customers as well...

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Why choose neopos

NEOPOS, vector for change in point of sale (POS) solutions

NEOPOS is an undisputed leader in the implementation and maintenance of computerized systems, such as POS and data management solutions, WIFi and IT security and IP telephony for contact-center. Designed for the restaurant & bar, retail and food industries, these POS systems act directly on overall business efficiency. This makes NEOPOS the partner of choice for decision-makers seeking integration and consulting services able to provide novel resources and innovative solutions for their business operations.


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